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The way they communicate or trying to help their daughters are too different. It is honestly heartbreaking because we all know our mothers try their best to be the absolute best for their children but they too have their flaws. Towards the end where something big happens, I couldn't take it.

The emotion felt so real, the situation felt so real and the pain it felt like I could feel it but in honest fact the person who was dealing with it definitely feels much worse. It reflects back to reality how many of us feel that way and wishes all of it could go away. Being brave and finding the strength to voice our feelings, thoughts take such a big step.

But that step, could change everything. Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, whatever pain you are dealing with, there is help. Talk to your family, friends or professional help or just someone you could trust and am comfortable with. There is so many solutions, it might not be easy, but help will always be there to help. The pain might never go away, but in those hard times, there will be love and comfort when we have somebody to go through it with. All The Things We Never Said is another mental health awareness book that is important to be read by everyone to understand the issues and someone we can help, or to know we are not going through it alone.

That's all down to you and the people you've brought into my life. I've realised that things will be hard. There will be many tests and hardships in life. But I've also learned that I can survive it. I have survived it, and I will continue to survive it. Jun 04, Nadia rated it really liked it Shelves: muslim-shelf-space.

A full review can be found on my blog, Headscarves and Hardbacks! Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review! Trigger warning for self-harm, sexual abuse, rape, depression and suicide. This is an extremely dark story about three girls — Mehreen, Cara and Olivia — that shines a light on the power of friendship.

Although the story is narrated in multiple perspectives, Mehreen ultimately feels like the main protagonist of the A full review can be found on my blog, Headscarves and Hardbacks! More than anything, I loved her unwavering relationship with her faith. The novel begins with her standing in prayer and really captures how peaceful the act is for many Muslims.

I also loved the conflict she faced in justifying suicide when it goes against the teachings of Islam. Through the three perspectives, the author manages to convey how mental health issues can affect anyone and everyone regardless of whether they have a reason. It often feels like we, as a society, focus too much on the why something is rather than how we can help.

In fact, all three girls are brought together by MementoMori because they collectively feel the same way despite how varied their backgrounds and experiences. But on the inside, when we read from her point of view, we see a completely different story. Until you talk to them. And talking, as the novel ultimately shows, can make all the difference. Despite their disagreements, it was heart-warming to see the girls find common ground in order to be there for each other.

What started as a fake support group turns into something real and special — friendship. Overall, I knew I was going to relate to this novel on many levels. Sometimes representation is something as small as a samosa production line. This book delivers on both of them.

Jul 21, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: review-books. Thank you netgalley for the eArc. I have mixed feelings about this book, I loved the diversity and the book does cover lots of heavy topics and the main topic is suicide and the three main characters join a suicide pact website as they have all reached their lowest points and feel alone in their struggles.

The book deals with mental illness, physical disabilities, rape, self harm, sexual abuse, amongst other heavy topics. I just don't know how I feel about this book, it was heartbreaking and hon Thank you netgalley for the eArc. I just don't know how I feel about this book, it was heartbreaking and honest and it covers so much in this book and the friendships made by the three girls is a light in all the darkness. I read this book quite quickly and I'm still processing it all, I didn't like some of the dismissals on invisible disabilities and how mental health is kind of brushed off in this book and the family relationships are so messy and the kids worries and concerns are also brushed off.

I'm just not sure about the ending of the book, it just didn't feel complete for me, but overall I would give this book 4 stars as i really enjoyed the characters and their strength. We need more diversity and we need more heavy topics in books, we need to discuss the tough topics and give representation and to show that it's not always happy endings and romance. Everyone deserves to see themselves in a story. Disclaimer : I received this free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

But the website that brought them together to commit suicide also created mutually supportive friendship. A strong bond is created between the girls, as they are the only people that Disclaimer : I received this free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. A strong bond is created between the girls, as they are the only people that really understand each other. I remember really enjoying it, and the depiction of anxiety.

So when I found out she had a full length novel coming out I was beyond thrilled and it has been a highly anticipated read of mine ever since. One of my favourite things about this was the depiction of anxiety. Very few authors have truly managed to accurately capture those intrusive thoughts that come hand in hand with anxiety.

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I also really loved the importance of religion to Mehreen as a coping mechanism. The friendship in this book was also a really strong aspect. I loved their friendship but I also loved each character individually. Overall, Yasmin Rahman created a powerful and heartfelt book that dealt with the topic in a sensitive manner. Jul 16, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , muslimshelfspace , ya , poc-mc , release , aoc.

The entire concept is about a suicide pact between three girls who have reached the lowest points in their lives due to different circumstances. I was pleasantly surprised by how well each of the topics was handled, and especially that the Rahman managed to write a book that is heavy but the perfect balance of heavy and light. Though there is a lot of darkness in this book, it is balanced out by all the light and positive.

By the growing friendship between the three girls and how everything is eventually resolved. The only thing that left me unsatisfied at the end of the book was that Mehreen's relationship with her family and its relation to her mental health was Obviously her family is not responsible for her anxiety and depression, but they do act in ways that seem to directly affect Mehreen's mental health.

One thing that really struck me was how her Mum asked her why she couldn't be normal just for once, and Mehreen used that exact idea to describe why she was so depressed, because she didn't feel "normal," but this is never really addressed in the book. After her depression is out in the open, everyone just seems to come to terms with it all very fast - there's no guilt or hurt feelings or any acknowledgement of any of this. May 25, The Bookish Faerie rated it it was amazing. Thank you to pansing, definitely books for sending me an advance copy of this book.

It will be out July 11th She has a gentle soul and is very kind towards all she meets. She deals with anxiety and depression, she calls it Chaos. The second voice in her mind is known to her as Chaos. Cara - a girl who Thank you to pansing, definitely books for sending me an advance copy of this book.

Cara - a girl who is wild and used to run freely after an accident that cost her a parent and her ability to walk, she faces the aftermath of her accident harshly. She also deals with depression due to her incident. Cara can be really sarcastic, snarky and dark when she wants to. Olivia — she is the typical rich girl who lives in a big house with everything she could possibly want material wise but not everything is picture perfect in her life. The Chaos whenever he is around forces her to lose her ability to control her own body and emotions making her extremely vulnerable and mentally unstable.

The three of them have one thing in common — they want to commit suicide. Thus, they signed up to be in a suicide pact through a website online. What started out as meeting each other to complete tasks to prepare them for their suicide blossomed into something else. They were once wilted buds of flowers, through the love and trust nurtured from their slow friendship, it fertiled the dying buds of their hearts into strong, beautiful roses. They are roses with thorns, gorgeous in their own way with thorns to protect them from their individual Chaos. I am so in love with this book.

Beware that the book contains triggers. It is written as such that you would think each chapter is a diary entry by each girl. The book ends on a light but heavy note at the same time. The storm stopped for a moment to allow a ray of sunlight to shine though the grey clouds like a beacon of light from the lighthouse of everything good. The most important note to take away from this book is — embrace your mental illness.

Acknowledge it, do not ignore it. When you recognise it, you will learn it slowly and let yourself heal bit by bit.

All The Things I Lost In The Flood

Also, it is never too late, never give up , never say NO to living even though breathing is hard. Keep fighting for yourself, for you are the only one who can truly save yourself from your darkness. SOThank you to pansing, definitely books for sending me an advance copy of this book.

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SO grip that sword and start obliviating demons, I believe in you. Jul 23, Karen Barber rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley. Abuse, depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicide, on-line bullying The story focuses on three characters - Mehreen, Olivia and Cara - who are paired together by an online suicide pact. They meet and are set a series of ta All The Things We Never Said is a book that aims high in terms of topics being explored.

They meet and are set a series of tasks to complete to help each other in their bid to end their lives. The unknown organisers of this site become increasingly manipulative and start to show their sadistic and damaging tendencies. That gripe aside, the book was interesting for not shying away from some difficult topics. The friendship that developed between the three girls was well-depicted and it showed the importance of talking to those around you.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with access to this prior to publication. May 29, Neelam rated it it was amazing. So I knew as soon as I heard about this book that I would love it and it did not disappoint! This book had me sobbing by the end of the first chapter. I had never read a story where the mental health rep so completely accurate to mine and reading it felt like I had finally b Thank you to Hot Key Books and Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I had never read a story where the mental health rep so completely accurate to mine and reading it felt like I had finally been seen, that someone else really understood everything that goes through my head. I have related to other characters in other books but there has never been a rep where the characters religious beliefs also influences how they feel. This book finally incorporated all aspects of my life. I even read the first chapter out loud to my husband because through Mehreen I was able to explain how it feels and how difficult it can become to manage. So I hope that this book helps a lot more people too.

The book has three points of view but it is easy to distinguish between them as they each have distinct voices and personalities. All three girls are struggling yet when they meet each other, even they cannot understand why the others would want to commit suicide and I thought it was so important to see that. That just by looking at someone, even if they are smiling and laughing, they could still be drowning inside.

They could still be struggling to cope with everything that is happening in their life. Another important theme throughout the book was friendship. Having friends that you can open up to about your mental health and they will be there for you. There does however need to be a balance, that although friends can help you a lot it is still important to seek professional help. We see her pray and talk about how that helps her, we even get a scene where the girls go out for a meal and they find somewhere halal so Mehreen can eat and I loved that Cara and Olivia were so understanding and accepting of it.

That Mehreen did not commit suicide because of her love for Allah, and that takes strength.

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This is a raw, honest, heart breaking story yet it also has hope that we see as the story progresses. I absolutely loved this book and I wish I had this book as a teenager and I really think that everyone should read this book. Jun 07, Anika rated it it was amazing. Thank you to Netgalley for this ARC! You guys. This book is absolutely amazing, honestly. I love Mehreen and it kills me that there aren't more desi characters struggling with mental health.

I think Yasmin beautifully depicts the struggles of someone who is not only desi but only suffers from anxiety and depression. I wish, that when I was a teen, I had read this book because it would have made me feel less alone. I love how different Cara and Olivia are. Cara is feisty and misunderstood and it comes across so clearly on the page. I am in genuine awe of how well Cara is written. Olivia's chapters are just something else entirely - they are so visually pleasing. I honestly wish I could have an entire novel written in Olivia's format because it is so beautiful and clever.

I love the pact idea pacts and cults are always so fascinating and the theme is incredibly relevant today. It wouldn't surprise me if such a website existed. I really hope to see more dark YA soon because this was just fantastic. I don't know what to say - this book is just amazing and if you don't read it then you are missing out.

Jul 07, Charlotte rated it really liked it. All The Things We Never Said follows three girls: Mehreen a muslim girl with depression and anxiety , Olivia a victim of sexual abuse , and Cara a wheelchair user as a result of a car accident. I loved the variety of the protagonists because it kept all of their story lines interesting and none of them felt the same.

Yasmin Rahman said that it was important for her to include a Muslim character who is proud of her religion. She certainly succeeds: Mehreen's religion is one of the many parts of her character rather than solely who she is and, in addition, religion is a form of solace for her; a way to try and process what she's feeling. It was also nice to see Cara and Olivia actively trying to learn more about Mehreen's belief system when they didn't know much about it. I love stories that are about bringing people together who would never have met if it wasn't for them being brought together by one thing.

There's just so many elements and all of them were brilliantly carried out. As noted from the trigger warnings, this book is incredibly heavy in its subject matter. For example, Cara has lots of negative thoughts around now being a wheelchair user that are quite upsetting to read, intrusive thoughts are a repetitive narrative. Despite really enjoying this book, I did have to take breaks because of some of the topics covered. If you plan on reading, please exercise self care if you feel that you might be triggered from some of the events in this book.

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