Beneath Contempt & Happy To Be There: The Fighting Life of Porn King Al Goldstein

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But since Goldstein's life was so much a part of the magazine he and Jim Buckley created, it's understandable.

What's interesting about Beneath Contempt is the more you learn about Al Goldstein, the more you wonder if he published Screw to put out a product and fight for his and our first amendment rights, make money or just to use as a soapbox for his opinions. However, I can't criticize too harshly, because the man fought tooth and nail for his right to publish what some might have deemed offensive, and he spent millions in the process. Whether he was doing it for the people or for himself is irrelevant because at the end of the day he opened the door for others to do what he did, but without the headaches and court dates.

Beneath Contempt leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to detail. It touches upon many aspects of Goldstein's life — his trials, troubles with his ex-wife, health issues and more are mentioned — but it's never fully developed. I would have loved to read more details about his courtroom battles or even some of the transcripts, as I'm sure it's gold or learned more about his childhood or school years, but these things are missing.

There are gaps that would really help the book if they were filled in, and at a short pages there is obviously wiggle room.

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There seems to be a missed opportunity with interviews with those who have had interactions with Goldstein as well. Hell, the sheer amount of potential people to talk to just from his publishing days at Screw would be a book in itself. On the other hand, Stevenson does a wonderful job of being unbiased with the material, while at the same time being an obvious fan of what Goldstein achieved with Screw.

That doesn't stop the author from laying out both the positive and negative aspects of Goldstein's life, however, nor does he shy away from finding the truth in some of the porn king's more questionable statements. This is important, as it makes the book much more credible. Sometimes a biography will gloss over its subject's more sordid statements or actions, but not here.

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Stevenson tells the good and the bad, while maintaining a respect for Goldstein. It's an interesting read, unbiased and sharply written. The fact that it leaves you wanting more is a compliment in itself, but because of its relatively short page count it simply just whets the appetite. If you want a broad idea of Al Goldstein's life, this is a great place to start. Perhaps there will be an updated or revised edition we can look forward to one day that delves a little deeper.

"Beneath Contempt and Happy to be There: The Fighting Life of Porn King Al Goldstein" Book Review

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