Confessions of A Gay Man

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Confessions of a Gay Curmudgeon recounts the adventures of Viktor, a fifty-year-old gay man in New York City trying to get back into the land of the living after the breakup of a twelve-year Sign In. Remember Me on This Computer. Need help signing in?

Five men beheaded by Saudi Arabia were gay according to ‘confessions extracted under torture’

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    The rest — the album, the tour — it all happened fast.

    One-Man Show: "Confessions of a Gay Catholic" - Visit Mount Vernon-Lisbon

    He woke up the day after the Oscars, saw the chaos online, apologized, and slunk off. People loved his music, but they were turning on him. Then, one day, he went to Australia for a show, and afterward had a talk with his publicist there, a gay man who lives with his partner of 18 years. The publicist took Mr.

    In Pursuit: Confessions of a Gay Catholic Teenager

    Smith to the Stonewall, a gay bar in Sydney, for a drink one afternoon. He decided to help educate him, taking him to a gay bookshop. Smith said. Next, the Australians introduced him to drag. They crammed his feet into thigh-high, high-heeled boots. They had barbecues and played Madonna and danced.


    I just went gay clubbing a few times with some straight friends and with some girlfriends of mine, and then I became famous. I never got an opportunity to find my people in the gay community and find my friends. He decided not to drink or smoke or be with a man, even just kissing, for a long time, while he was figuring all this stuff out.

    He was trying to understand how he fit into the gay community at large. He began seeking out the art that struck him as truest. Then he found George Michael. He had always been a fan of his music. He was 15 when he saw him in concert. But now, reading and watching interviews with him in his last years, after Mr. Michael came out, Mr. Smith found him to be a great mentor. Back at the interview in West Hollywood, he leaned back on the couch, looked up at the ceiling and blew a stream of breath out through pursed lips.

    He realized two things. One was that he was ready to make a second album. He now understood that every visible gay person still had a leadership role. No, having come out as a gay singer, he realized it was now time to come out as a gay man. He was wearing a pastel, airbrushed silk, short-sleeve button-down shirt and olive silk pleated pants. A trainer. A nutritionist.

    He stopped eating bread. Probably being a man in his 20s helped.

    Leading Teens Closer to Christ

    His transformation was sparked by seeing a tabloid picture of himself on the beach without a shirt, and that was not the self he wanted to be. He was also concerned about his health. His voice is his whole thing, his whole bag of tricks.

    After the Oscars, it had started falling out from stress, he thought. He began to use Rogaine and take Propecia, and it worked.