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Before bed tonight, simply read your 1 thing. HE was with us then. Rest easy! HE is with us through the night. Where my faith and creativity collide! A freedom freelancer, prayerful painter and clarion for Christ. If not him, talk to Matthias. No judgement. But they can help. Sir Gabriel balled his fists at his side. Leopold let him catch his breath. And it was a victory. You gave them that. Even a man in service to the gods. Those who have subscribed to my newsletter got the entire story already.

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In reality, a knight was usually a mounted soldier serving under a feudal lord in Europe. The concept of what a knight was would come to mean men, usually of noble birth but not required , who would be apprenticed as first a page and then a squire. During this apprenticeship, they were taught all of the skills necessary to be a skilled fighter, as well as religion, reading and writing, and social decorum.

This code of chivalry was enacted partially to control behavior. Because history has taught us how well behaved soldiers can be. See also, Vikings. Unlike many other titles duke, baron, etc.

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It was given to a person by a sovereign because of personal merit or service. This means that it was easier for men who were good at being soldiers to move up in rank. It also meant you never had a six-year-old knight.

Unlike some kings. And helped reduce the crazy, unlike in kings. Knights were an important part of feudal system established by Charlemagne. Under this system, the king owned all of the land, and he granted fiefs to various lords in return for loyalty, protection and service.

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In order to provide this protection, the knight class was created. Many knights were professional warriors, and the lord they served paid them for the services, and provided food, lodging, armor, weapons and horses. Knighthood was a way for a man to advance in a society that offered few other means.

Knights could make fortunes from their service, and they could be granted land from the king and become a lord in their own right. In reality, knights were experienced mounted soldiers. They were also supposed to have a firm grounding in religion, among other things, but the reality was knights were about as religious as any other general order of soldiers.

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Stories of knights have been told for a very long time. I think it somewhat relates to the legends of King Arthur, but I also think seeing men riding in armor on horseback left a strong impression. It was story worthy. What do you think of when you think of knights? Ser Bronn from Game of Thrones? Sir El Cid of Spain? Or maybe you think of something all together different? Skip to content Skip to footer Knight in shining armor. Yes, it took much longer than I had planned, but here is the cover for Knight of Valor!

And the link to pre-order it! I am in full pantser mode.

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Now, to still be here at 35k words…. Or they had been. Elves are an odd bunch. Sir Leopold smiled. Boy had a long way to go, but the gods were on his side. Sir Leopold chuckled. Not true. Not anymore. Despite the late hour, Sir Leopold strolled one last time through the Temple of Dracor. Boosted Content from Premium Members. The Howling Wake by Rhymis. A woman named Eleanor tries to save the last bits of her dying relationship; quite alike to the leaves that are struggling not to fall and wither from their branch.

Dead Leaves by TheLonelyCrow. The Mists of Mercia by Jim Green. I had a concept for a story, so I started writing I wanted to see what people thought of it. I'm delighted with what I have so far, but aren't all writers delighted by their own works? Cross by Rubi Stiles. How to Boost your writing. Close Send.

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