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At Proteus right now, we're in the process of shifting our client invoicing process - which we've done in much the same way for many years, submitting invoice spreadsheets monthly to finance.

We live in an age of continuous change and disruption. Consultants would come in to your company and poke around for awhile, and then the change would get announced. People would be let go; maybe some functions would get merged or scrapped; reporting relationships would shift; perhaps the brand would get a reboot. Everybody who survived would breathe a big sigh of relief and things would go back to normal - i.

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Every one of our client organizations is in a fairly continuous state of transformation. So, what can you do to re-wire yourself to be better at change, to be more capable and comfortable in a world of continuous transformation? Here are five approaches we've found helpful:. People who have a hard time with change tend to have self-talk that both reinforces the difficulty of change and predicts that it - or they - will fail: Oh my god, ANOTHER re-structuring? Not my favorite thing, but I'll figure out what's required and make it work. I hope it's an improvement.

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Here's some more information about how to change the way you speak to yourself, to give you a more useful mindset about change. That is, establish some regular rituals and traditions that are yours to control. It's a predictable and delightful 40 minutes or so in the midst of who-knows-what. When our organizations change, it's not usually our idea - we're generally at the effect of others' decisions about change. Sometimes it's so easy to forget we all feel like this, and it's lovely when other people acknowledge they do. I've been doing a version of 'wifi free Wednesday' for a while now, partly because I was conscious of how much time I was wasting - like Pavlov's Dog I'd reflexive pick up my phone during adverts, when my friend went the loo, when I could be doing anything else.

And so I've turned all my notifications off and have a dedicated scrolling session : because I was feeling exactly like you - and Hannah above was. Not sure how feasible that'll be when I go back to blogging though Yeah it's bad how it's like this little security toy we have isn't it? Whenever we're alone or got a few minutes to wait for something we pick it up.

Turning it all off just really helps me to focus and to get things done. We must beat the addiction together! I totally feel this way too at the moment. Like the saying goes 'Comparison is the thief of joy' It's just quite the skill to switch off and focus exactly on what you want and what your path is. Yeah, it's definitely a difficult skill, especially when you need social media for your job. I find myself 'just' checking out a company's Twitter, or something, and then half an hour later I suddenly realise I've been distracted by outfit posts, or seeing what someone had for their dinner.

You need to be very disciplined to not let yourself get distracted by it all.

If You Are Left Behind - What To Do & Expect

And also, let yourself have some time off. Let yourself indulge in Twitter time, and then turn it all off. That's what I like to do anyway. Love this post - and I think the comments above are right that it doesn't matter where you are in life, it's always tempting to rate yourself against others and rarely to your own benefit. I thought I should adopt the mantra 'I must not compare myself to strangers on the internet' or friends for that matter. Somehow it never occurs to me that people might sometimes be comparing themselves against me.

10 Things to Do if You're Feeling Left Behind | VickyFlipFlopTravels

And a good list - of things I am happy with or that I genuinely do want - is always good. Yeah, definitely. There are always going to be people who are better at something than you, so you need to celebrate them rather than compare yourself to them. I definitely know how hard this is though. Think anyone, at any age, needs to find a way to manage it. Oh I hope everything is ok Eman. Life can be tough sometimes! Hope the tips help you to feel confident in your life choices.

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Thank you thank you thank you so much for writing this. Your words capture exactly how I am feeling. It's reflective on myself, and not anyone else. I am very future-minded, but my views on my present situation is the stem of my angst. You have reminded me to pull myself back to the present. Things will change. We are all on our own paths, and comparing ourselves to others does not help us in that journey. Oh I'm so glad I've made you feel better with this post. It's hard when you have parents' expectations on you — I'm still feeling that now and I'm 34! It sounds like you know what you need to do, and what you need to work on, it's just coming up with a plan.

Enjoy the journey! Hi Vicky and thanks for the article. I am not good in talking about that but I do feel the problem within myself! Hi Areen, oh I'm sorry to hear that. I feel like 'emotionally' left behind could mean a whole load of things so I don't really know what specific advice to offer.

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I really hope this post has helped you to come up with some ways to feel a bit more emotionally prepared for life as it is. Thanks for reading. Hi, Vicky In short, my question is how do i know tht somthg is 'me' and i must work for it. Thank u. Sign me up for the newsletter!

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Your email address will not be published. Skip to content In this article, I hope I bring your attention to the importance of knowledge economy and how you can prepare for it. Cave Painting or Cloud Computing? Try Helpie for Free. Related posts:.

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