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Funny how what once was obvious about juvenile misbehavior is bewildering in the "Therapeutic Age," when more clinical data on what makes people tick supposedly has been collected than in any previous era.

Joseph Prince On Judicial And Parental Forgiveness—Are There Two Types Of Forgiveness In The Bible?

Childhood meanness always has been a part of growing up taunting other youngsters, playing malicious practical jokes, including in gossip and put-downs, vying for pecking order in snobbish or rebel cliques. Adults, especially parents, used to reign in such conduct, being ever vigilant of youthful excesses.

They looked around when they changed the beds, paid attention to the company their offspring kept and idolized , said "No! Fast-forward 35 years to when our nation's leaders split hairs over the definition of the word "is. Or have the taboos simply vanished?

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Or, more sobering: Have our kids suddenly become certifiably nuts? As a former educator who saw the scribbling on the wall in the 's, when schools started soliciting rock stars for anti-drug-abuse videos which my eighth-graders, predictably, laughed at , I see today seven factors turning out this nation's first generation of killer kids:. Even toddlers recognize that, for the most part, adults today just go through the motions of child-rearing, occasionally mentoring, not wishing to appear unyielding, inflexible, or dogmatic. Having succumbed to counterproductive notions of child management for some 35 years, gullible parents and educators, who no doubt would have apoplexy over the idea of children being seen not heard are, ironically, settling for compliance at any price, even if it means drugging every kid who squirms.

Would anybody have dreamed 30 years ago that parents would some day be intimidated by school and day-care staff into placing kids, including preschoolers, on prescription stimulants, antidepressants, tranquilizers and other legal mood or mind-altering drugs? New mental-health breakthroughs reveal an evolving pattern of absurdity: for example, a psychotropic drug a selective serotonin-reuptake-inhibitor for shopaholics oniomania and therapies for nerds.

In the wake of the shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, experts now purvey the view that vengeful nerds may belong to the three out of every children who suffer from a mild form of pervasive developmental disorder i. The same experts who promote drugs for docility still caution parents against lecturing and scolding, advise turning toddlers into decision makers before they have acquired either values or maturity of judgment and admonish parents who complain of messy bedrooms, immodest apparel and coarse language.

Carrying an aspirin for a headache, of course, is a serious matter to school officials.

1 John 1:9

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Are children punished for the sins of their parents? |

While still childless, Julia Ortega has to deal with her husband's terminal illness. He in turn regrets, more than his own demise, not having an offspring to carry on his name.

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In his heart, he blames Julia for that failure, and in response she takes on the task of providing him with an heir, an endeavor that embitters the rest of her life. The story goes on to the next generation, whose members are forced to deal with the remnants of the past, and Julia, after her first husbands death, suffers the consequences of loving a man who cannot marry her.

1 John 5:18