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Hewston England. This recording is from the Bochum recording in Germany in so beware, it is all in German. Though I can't understand a word of it I think it is brilliant, the music is fantastic and it sure is competition for our english recording! Kapa Kitchen and Steve Woods are brilliant. Temporarily out of stock.

This is an interesting one. Technically an original German cast album, appearing as it did in the Bochum production's opening year and featuring the original cast members, but with a totally different orchestration and production values. Instead, the producers seem to have approached this as a kind of post-concept album, with a very over-produced, smart 80s synth and drum machine-led sound, but nevertheless one that captures the show's spirit.

Elgar: Starlight Express, Op. Sir Andrew Davis has created a superb work which will appeal to both children and their parents. I am grateful to him and all those who took part in this recording for a marvellous experience which transported me to remembered better times of, oh! I have just bought a second copy to give to two of my grandchildren girls of 9 and 11 to enjoy this Christmas.

It's magical and I love it.

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Only 6 left in stock more on the way. Christina Diffley. The Starlight Express. This is the most comprehensive recording of 'Starlight Express' available on CD TT , based on Elgar's own recording on eight 78rpm discs. The all three acts are presented as faithfully as possible to the original page score and to the world premiere version realised by the composer himself.

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Elgar's creative, compositional process and the story of the first production, the historical background of the original tale which inspired the composer, and the synopsis, and the original text of the songs are all thoroughly documented in 27 page booklet. Learning about late Elgar's great enthusiasm for this work and its historical context in the raging Great War, deepens your appreciation of this largest stage work Elgar ever composed, and makes for a poignantly moving listening experience.

I listen to this music on every Only 9 left in stock. Fabulous train.

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Just a little too fast and a bit noisy. Love it though. Looks fabulous with our Christmas scene.

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Only You feat. Francis Rufelle [From "Starlight Express"]. Horsfall uk. This is a beautiful song. Awful recording of this musical. I regret buying it and I can only recommend buying the London cast recordings! Very disappointing. Only 13 left in stock more on the way.

A great collection of some of ALW's finest moments performed by an awesome cast. Stand out moments would have to be Glenn Close as Norma Desmond bringing the house down with her numbers from Sunset Boulevard. Similarly Micheal Ball's Gethsemane from Superstar is just breathtaking. Also a bittersweet moment watching Stephen Gately from Boyzone so obviously thrilled to be on stage singing No Matter What.

Mostly Electra is exuding sex, power, magnetism and literal sparks. Volta She never smiles, seems aloof and comes across as arrogant. Is she a female politician running for office as reported by the Daily Mail? Switching genders between the numerous productions that have rolled across international stages since the show began in , Volta is about as cool and sexy as it gets. We stan a goth ice queen.

Killerwatt Well, don't you wanna know how he keeps startin' fires? Grace Jones meets Vanilla Ice, but make it fashion: Killerwatt serves the best of all the lewks. The bodyguard that makes Richard Madden look like the sweet boy of average height that he really is, Killerwatt will blow your circuits.

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Dustin Always willing to put himself forward to help his friends but shy of assuming power, Dustin is the ideal train to lead us through never-ending Brexit chaos. Bobo This hon hon hon honey is stuck with a clownish name, but has dark secrets under that striped Gallic exterior.

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Bobo is sometimes Coco, indulging his wilder dragged up side. And that nationalist fervour got channeled into the Coco Chanel-inspired token Female Engine in one production — inspired by a Nazi agent, sporting a tricolore skirt. Belle Belle the Bar Car is a recent addition to the Starlight rolling stock. In her high-camp s lampshade dress and sporting a ready supply of cocktails, Belle recalls the nostalgic glamour of railway travel before the onset of alcohol bans and talking lavatories.

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And with trendsetter Diane Abbott making onboard mojitos the hottest railway accessory of , the stylish Bar Car easily makes our top list of the sexiest trains. The Danny and Sandy, Dave and SamCam, Disney Princess and Little Mark Owen of Starlight , they teach you how to love but soon leave you craving more investment in your infrastructure and more capacity on your routes.

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Wrench Wrench is never out of uniform, ready for roleplay and the hot butch of your dreams. Her aggression and masculinity is of the female variety. She does not appreciate you either misgendering her or assuming she does not respect and adore her boss Electra, however they are presenting.

Wrench can repair you, or she can break you, but she is not to be crossed. Nevertheless, he makes the list. A darling of the Mumsnet brigade, Purse would also be the shameful secret crush of many a progressive millennial.