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When Rand Matthews saw the girl slink into the diner without a parent, he was surprised. Even ragged and dressed in shapeless clothes far too big for her, she was a future beauty, no doubt about it. Petite and frail, with long blonde hair and delicate features, she looked very young and totally out of place in a diner frequented by local ranchers and interstate truckers.

Even from across the diner, she looked dazed and battered past the obvious as she stood just inside the doorway and actually sniffed the air like some starving orphan. Seeing the girl poised there like she might run, Stacey bustled forward. Stacey settled the obviously nervous girl at a table and immediately brought her a glass of milk and a muffin.

If Rand had any doubts about her age, they were settled when the girl gulped the milk so fast that she spilled some down the front of her sweatshirt.

Children must know times tables by age of nine

Had that not been enough, the look of sadness on her face as she used a napkin to try and wipe it off settled it completely. At least he could content himself that he was doing right by young Cole McGuire, taking him on at the ranch so he could save up some money for college. But no matter, the boy had moved into the abandoned bunkhouse by the barn and made it his own, preferring that over the spare bedroom Rand had offered. The kid came into the house for meals, but otherwise, he was either in the bunkhouse or out putting saddle time on the sale horses.

It was not a tone any adult man should be using with a child, future beauty or not. Thinking this was a bad sign, because there was no way he was going to let some greasy trucker abduct a child right in front of him, he decided it might be time for him to get involved. She gestured at the phone, as if to suggest she could call the sheriff. Rand shook his head in denial, giving her a reassuring look.

Should this prove an issue, he would handle it himself, right here and right now. This sort of thing was not going to happen while he stood idly by. She jumped right across the table tops the length of the wall like an acrobat, then was out the door in a flash. Just as the door swung shut, the trucker groaned and fell right off his seat onto the floor, blood all over his face from his broken nose.

Since Rand was pretty sure that anything said to a teenage girl which made her react like that deserved at least one broken bone, he ignored the man. Stacey, kindly woman that she was, went to get him some ice, nodding as she passed to say everything was fine. Judging that he was no longer needed, Rand sat back down to finish his breakfast, mopping up the last of his eggs with some toast before washing it down with coffee. Fortunately, Cole was always a good sport about such things, displaying none of the sullen aggression of his father or brothers, so he always just laughed about Rand checking up on him.

By the time the trucker had staggered out the door with directions to the emergency room, Rand was done and waiting by the register for Stacey. After he made sure she was doing fine despite what she had just witnessed, he paid the bill. Then, despite his desire to stay and keep talking to her, he wished her a good day, making sure to leave a nice tip on his way out. Having gotten to know her a bit since she had started working here last year, he had come to think quite highly of her. Were she not the only attractive, single woman for miles and pestered accordingly for it all day here at the diner, he might be inclined to get to know her even better.

He climbed into his truck, feeling the weight of the feed in the bed as he pulled back out onto the road. Despite the odd scene in the diner, it was a beautiful day, the sky blue and filled with the slow drift of clouds. It was, he decided as he turned on the radio and started to sing along, one of those days that made a man happy to be alive.

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As he turned onto his ranch, he saw Cole riding along the south pasture fence and waved, knowing the boy would follow him to the barn and help unload the grain now that he knew Rand was back. He was a good kid like that, no question about it. Astonished, Rand climbed out of the truck, baffled at how the feed bags could have fallen like that when they had not been stacked more than two or three high in the bed.

Instead, there was the girl from the diner, crouched between the stall door and the side of the truck.

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The girl made a panicked noise, her head swinging between the two of them as she tried to determine which one of them to run past. Worried that she might try to run past the horse, Rand spoke once more, trying to sound as calm as he could.

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  • He could hurt you, Cole or himself, maybe very badly. There was the clatter of hooves, muffled as it entered the bedded stall and the girl spoke. So am I. He was still speaking when she moved, leaping on him and driving him right into the ground. She shifted slightly, moving the hand which held his pinkie and Cole gasped in pain. Horrified, Rand just looked at her, completely uncertain about what he should do now.

    Based on the way Cole was rapidly paling, she could do exactly that, little or not. After all, he had seen what she had done to the trucker who had bothered her. Thinking of that in all its bloody glory, he realized he needed to stop this before Cole was hurt. But that young man there works for me. She said nothing, but she must have eased her grip, since Cole gave a ragged sigh of relief. Hopeful that this might work, Rand continued talking like this was all completely normal.

    Are you serious? That appeared to be enough, as she backed out of the barn with Cole still held in front of her like a shield. Once she was outside, she jerked her head at Rand, clearly indicating she wanted him to come out of the barn.


    So he slowly walked out into the sunshine, blinking a little before he fumbled in his shirt pocket for his sunglasses. There was a scuffle behind him like someone might have tripped, then Cole yelped. Stop that! I have nothing to do with it. She did not reply, but her grip must have eased as Cole gave another one of those relieved sighs.

    When they reached the house, she got within twenty feet of the door, then she stopped dead. Rand only noticed because when he opened the door and held it open, expecting someone to catch it, there was no one there.

    He looked around to see her looking at the house with an expression of dread, like they planned to trap her inside. Does this restaurant offer table service? Thanks for helping! Share another experience before you go.

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      The final one is the only tricky one. When working on the 8 times table with children I usually concentrate carefully on the 88, which is easy, and then add 8. Taking care over this is well worthwhile, as it gives a sense of pride to children when it sticks. The 6 times table is a little trickier than the other even-numbered tables, though not quite as awkward as 7, so it comes as a relief. Once again, the final numbers repeat themselves after 5x, so approach the table in two halves if this seems easier.

      For a selection of times tables worksheets go to our Times Tables Learning Journey or see below. Read John Bald's guide to times table learning for more general advice about multiplication tables, then browse through all times table worksheets and printable games. Start your trial for FREE today! Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Tips and resources to help primary-school children master the 6, 8 and 9 times tables, with advice from experienced educator and teacher John Bald.