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Arthur Hacker's son John, who had been made a director in , was made Technical Director. However, difficulties continued, and the company was bought by Motoradio , who moved the operation to Bournemouth. Finally, a fire put an end to activities, and the Hacker trademark was purchased by Roberts Radio.

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Hacker Radio primarily marketed its products to the UK domestic market, and were priced towards the top of the market. This, plus the relatively short period of operation only two decades results in a lower brand awareness today compared to other household names such as Roberts Radio. However, Hacker products have a strong following among vintage radio enthusiasts and collectors.

An active group on Yahoo [2] boasts over members, and maintains a set database that lists almost Hacker sets as of November The stated Hacker philosophy was to focus on technical performance rather than cost, and words to this effect are frequently found in printed material from the time. Many examples of their products survive today, and it is widely accepted among vintage radio enthusiasts that the build quality is higher than most similar sets from the same era. Hacker produced many products during their 19 years of trading.

Some of their more notable models are described below - a full list is available on-line. The first product launched was the RP10 Herald. In common with many of their s designs, this was built into a wooden case covered in leathercloth, with foam padding under the front and rear panels and a turntable to enable the set to be rotated for best reception the internal ferrite rod aerial being highly directional.

Initial sets used Ediswan transistors; later sets used Mullard devices, including the AF, which unfortunately went on to suffer from tin whisker formation within the encapsulation. The Herald was an AM only set, covering the medium wave and long wave bands. A three position tone control switch was provided. The radio was initially available in beige or deep red with brass trim, but towards the end of the run, alternative colours were offered blue with chrome and white trim, or black and grey, also with chrome trim.

The next Herald, the RP30, retained the same loudspeaker and grill, but had a restyled cabinet that retained the padded leathercloth, which was available in charcoal black, blue or red the latter with brass trim.

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The electronic design was revised, and the audio amplifier was rather more complex, incorporating rotary bass and treble controls. Coverage was MW and LW as before, but a version including short wave Later, another version offering Marine Band 70 to metres in addition to MW and LW was released the RP32 , but this sold in relatively small numbers, and few exist today. These sets continued to use the Mullard AF11x-series of transistors.

The RP35 looked quite similar to the RP30, but the top panel containing the controls and tuning scale is quite different in detail if not layout. The available colours were the same as the RP30 Herald. Electronically, these are quite different from the previous models, introducing a separate transistor for the oscillator, and a new, more compact layout for the IF PCB. Like most Hacker sets from the s and early s, this set used two PP9 batteries.

They were available in the same colour choices as the RP35 AM Herald, and there was a variant with a revised scale in royal blue that incorporated the Open University logo in place of the local stations. The terms of this arrangement are presently unclear. At a similar time, the loudspeaker was changed from a grey painted unit made by Goodmans to a silver-framed Celestion or a unit supplied by Elac which was recognisable by the large ceramic magnet assembly.

This latter loudspeaker was only ever fitted to the VHF Herald. This was Hacker's premium portable model, featuring AM and FM reception, and the name was used for four generations of the receiver. The first generation, the RP18 Sovereign, was released in , and was slightly larger than the contemporary Herald.

The case was leathercloth-covered wood with padding for the front and rear panels, and was only available in charcoal black. The same large loudspeaker was used. The next generation, the RP25 Sovereign II, was very similarly styled, with the external differences being most noticeable on the top panel. This model was available in charcoal black and blue. This set introduced an ISM inter-station muting function for the FM band, operated by a switch that also enabled the AFC function, which eliminates the loud noises typically heard when tuning across the FM band.

The RP25A had a redesigned FM front end; the new tuner is distinguishable by the clear plastic cover rather than the earlier aluminium case. At a similar time, the grey-painted Goodmans loudspeaker is replaced by a model made by Celestion - the later is recognisable because it has a painted silver frame and magnet.

At some point towards the end of the RP25A production run, an 18 volt DC input socket is added to the left hand side panel. During the RP25A run, an all-white version was released.

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These are relatively uncommon today, and good examples can sell for higher prices than otherwise similar black or blue sets. Next, in , the RP72 Sovereign III is released with very different styling compared to the previous models - featuring teak side panels and extruded aluminium for the loudspeaker grill and top control panel assemblies. Separate AM and FM tuners are retained, while the audio stages gain a new pre-amplifier that incorporates passive Baxendall tone controls. The set is powered by eight 1.

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Earlier models had a DC-input socket on the back; later models incorporate a mains power supply and are designated RP72MB. A common problem with these sets concerns the screen printing on the top panel, which can wear away. It used simpler and cheaper circuitry that no longer had separate AM and FM sections.

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