The Power of Five: Ravens Gate

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When juvenile delinquent Matt is sent to a bleak Yorkshire village on a rehabilitation programme, he soon realises that the place hides a sinister secret — a secret which revolves around Matt himself. For the village is built on a core of hideous evil: a gate through which demons were banished long ago. GNL Lexiles are the global standard in reading assessment.

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They are unique as they are able to measure a child and a book on the same scale — ensuring the right book gets to the right child at the right time. For more details see What is a lexile? Accelerated Reader AR book level: 3. Anthony Horowitz started writing because he wanted to be like Tintin. He has now travelled to all the places that Tintin has been — apart from the moon! My Account Sign in Register.

The Power of Five: Raven's Gate

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Desperate to escape, Matt finds everyone he turns to ends up unpleasantly dead. Only Matt, the four shadowy others he encounters in recurring dreams and the Nexus group can stop them.

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  6. Matt is likeably believable and the final pages definitely leave the reader wanting more. Anthony Horowitz is a screenwriter and children's novelist.

    The Power of Five: Raven's Gate

    He has also written a horror film, The Gathering , starring Christina Ricci. His books for children include the Alex Rider series about the teenage secret agent. There are nine books in the series including Snakehead , shortlisted for the Book Trust Teenage Prize. This field is required. Very thrilling and end of your seat-ey. Has got some graphic scenes in so would not recommend for under 11's.

    My favorite out of all his books. The Power of Five 2: Evil Star. Having defeated the Old Ones at Raven's Gate, Matt would like life to settle down for a while but a second gate is about to open on the other side of the world