Wildebloods Empire: Daedalus Mission, Book Three (The Daedalus Mission 3)

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Slight spine lean with crease on spine and light wear to covers. England, Pocket Books. Very good-.

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USA, Tor. Book, Spine is uncreased. England, Hamlyn. Book, Spine is creased, dealer stamps to opening page. NY, Ace. Cover art by Kelly Freas. Paperback original. Books from the crypt Professional seller. Catalogue: Science Fiction Paperbacks. NY, Ultimate Publishing. Edited by Ted White. Includes "Run to Starlight" novelet by George R.

Cover art by Vincent Di Fate.

Light tanning; minor creasing and soiling. Essef - - 1st printing - pocket - p. The trip to Rhapsody brought nothing but trouble. The poverty stricken fanatics who lived in its subterranean labyrinths had found a source of riches.

Daedalus Mission

In the race for the planet's secret wealth, Grainger found it could destroy civilization. VG- Gewicht: 88 gr. Essef - - first printing - pocket - p. VG- Gewicht: gr.

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From the dark Nebula. Grainger had acquired a second mind - he didn't want it and it had never asked him for permission. But the disembodied mentalism had invaded his brain during the crack space pilot's castaway months on the edge of the Halcyon Drift. The Halcyon Drift was a dark nebula within whose electronic chaos the laws of physics were so distorted that space ships could not explore within its vast borders without near-certain catastrophe. Parry 1 H. Wells 2 H.

Gonzales 1 J. Chapman 1 Jason M. Phillifent 1 John W.

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Tempest Bradford 1 K. Parker 4 K. Jeter 1 K. Snyder 3 Lyda Morehouse 1 Lynne M. Thomas 1 M. John Harrison 1 M.

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  • The Grainger novels — first-person narratives in a Chandleresque style — concern the adventures of the pilot of a Faster-than-Light Spaceship , the Hooded Swan , on a variety of planets. In the first tale Grainger, marooned on a remote world, becomes host to a mind parasite see Parasitism and Symbiosis , a benign entity which occasionally takes over his body and drives it to feats of endurance.

    In later books the increasingly disillusioned, sardonic, pacific Grainger penetrates further biological mysteries, but the series itself holds back from fully articulating the subversiveness of his behaviour, and there is little sense of accumulating burden. A second series — the Daedalus Mission books, comprising The Florians , Critical Threshold , Wildeblood's Empire , The City of the Sun , Balance of Power and The Paradox of the Sets — recounts to similar effect the various experiences of the crew of the spaceship Daedalus , which has been sent out to re-contact lost Earth colonies after the Interregnum period frequently found at the heart of the dominant form of American Future History from the s on.

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    Most of Stableford's early novels were members of such series, but Man in a Cage , an unformulaic singleton, deals with the Psychology of social adaptation as dramatized through a schizophrenic narrator selected to participate in a space-project where "sane" men have already proved inadequate. A powerfully written but difficult novel, it is slightly reminiscent of the best work of Robert Silverberg and Barry N Malzberg. The Mind-Riders , perhaps somewhat more conventional, is narrated by a cynical boxer who performs via an electronic simulation device while the audience "plugs in" to his emotions.

    Like Grainger's wonderful spaceship, and like the false personality which "cages" the hero of Man in a Cage , the simulator is an armour surrounding the self see Mecha , enabling the protagonist to survive in a hostile world.

    » A Horror-Fantasy Review by Barry Gardner: BRIAN STABLEFORD – The Werewolves of London.

    The Face of Heaven — the first part of a trilogy published in one volume as The Realms of Tartarus — is a biological phantasmagoria concerning a Utopia built on a huge platform above the Earth's surface, and the conflict with the mutated lifeforms which proliferate below.

    This tale, choked with ingenious invention and grotesqueries, and The Walking Shadow ; vt The Walking Shadow: An Promethean Scientific Romance stand as Stableford's most clearly Stapledon -esque epics, and show a vein of contemplative wonder that he was later — in the impressive academic study, The Scientific Romance in Britain ; much exp vt New Atlantis 4vols — to characterize as an essential element tending to distinguish British from American sf. The Asgard trilogy, set on a kind of Hollow Earth in another solar system, begins with Journey to the Center ; rev and was belatedly completed with Invaders from the Centre and The Centre Cannot Hold After this trilogy Stableford stopped producing fiction for some time, concentrating on popular and scholarly studies of sf and Futures Studies like The Science in Science Fiction with David Langford and Peter Nicholls and The Sociology of Science Fiction ; he also contributed very widely during this period to a number of journals, including Foundation: , and to various scholarly anthologies, including many of the essays in E F Bleiler 's two anthologies devoted to extended studies of individual authors: Science Fiction Writers anth and Supernatural Fiction Writers anth US 2vols.

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